Upcoming Events

With the effervescent holiday of Valentine's Day approaching, I'd like to inform our readers of a few upcoming events relevant to our GSM!

As the purpose of the GSM is to study the social, cultural, and historical constructions of gender and its intersections with other constructions such as race, class, nation, and sexuality, these events are critically relevant to our readers:

Dr. Stacey Pearson-Wharton: "Mental Health in the Black Community": In honor of Black History Month, Dr. Pearson-Wharton offers expertise and a positive approach for issues surrounding diversity, social justice, inclusion, and mental health to provide hope and healing in difficult times. This will be held on Tuesday, February 11th, 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. in the Kehr Union Multicultural Center Room 230. Please consider coming out to learn more about these crucial issues!

Getting Juicy with Jake: This workshop series addresses the most burning questions that students have and the topic of sex an…

GSM Student Profile: Olivia Minzola

Today we are going to be focusing on one of the amazing students in the GSM program! Olivia Minzola is an active student here at Bloomsburg University. She offers unique insight from within the GSM through her experiences and studies.

What are your preferred pronouns? Truthfully, I have never specified what my pronouns are to anyone because I have never felt the need to. This is the first time I have ever been asked what my pronouns are. I am a woman and therefore ask to be called she/her.

Where are you from? I am from Drums, Pennsylvania.
What is your major? Do you have any minors? Before coming to college, I decided to major in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism. During the fall semester of my freshman year, I took a class called Feminist Reading of Culture with Dr. Christina Francis and this ultimately led me to declaring a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies.
Are you involved in any other clubs or organizations on campus? I am involved in the student-run campus new…

Hello hello hello!

As Lex's final post says, I am Jose Gamboa. I am the new blogger for the BU Gender Studies Minor for the spring 2020 term! I have been active within the minor since I declared it in spring of 2018.

You can expect to see consistent weekly (up to semiweekly) posts from me related to information about events pertaining to Gender & Women Studies on Bloomsburg University campus, and the surrounding Bloomsburg area; more Student Profiles to highlight what our students are accomplishing within the minor; interviews with alumni to see what they have done after completing the GSM program and what the program offered them for their futures; and much more!
This post is very short and sweet. I want our readers to know what I hope to accomplish as the new GSM blogger. I refuse to let our readers down!
I hope to see everyone here again next week.
Always and forever, Jose Gamboa

GSM Student Profile: Jose Gamboa

This Friday we're focusing on an amazing student within the GSM program. Jose Gamboa is an active student here at Bloomsburg University and offers the GSM blog a unique perspective on his experiences, as a student in the minor. 
Your preferred pronouns? My pronouns are he/him/his.
Where are you from? I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania.
What’s your major? Do you have any minors?  I am a double English major in English: Creative Writing, and English: Literature. I am also a double minor in Gender Studies (duh) and Music.
Are you involved in any other clubs or organizations on campus? I am heavily involved in many organizations on campus! I am the President of Sigma Tau Delta (the International English Honor Society). I am the Vice President of my social fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon. I am the Assistant Percussion Section Leader for the 2019 Drumline in the Maroon and Gold Husky Marching Band. I am also a member of the Percussion Ensemble. And, I am a Staff Writer for The Voice (the on-campus …

BU's No Hate Week

In light of recent events, Bloomsburg University's No Hate Week could not take place at a better time.

While tensions are high on campus, it's pivotal for our campus to remind each of its students of their individual value and uplift them. Just this week, BU held a peaceful protest in response to the hateful video gone viral. The overarching slogan that could be seen on posters or heard throughout the day was "We want D.I.S.," a simple acronym promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Safety.

If you want D.I.S. as well, I encourage you to participate in this year's No Hate Week.

Every day for for the next week, our campus will be conducting events dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the diversity of BU. From November 11th to the 16th, BU's “No Hate Week” Observance will take place with the specific goal to increase overall awareness of the various cultures on campus.

No Hate Week kicks off on Sunday, November 11th, with the Campus Church Visitation “No Hate Sunday,”…

Bloomsburg University Equality Alliance (BUEA)

This past Tuesday I took the opportunity to meet on the first floor of Sutliff, to attend my first Bloomsburg University Equality Alliance (BUEA) meeting.

Upon entering the classrom, I quickly learned that this was going to be fun. There was an undeniable energy that carried in the room. One that celebrated open conversations and a little chaos.

The room was flooded with the conversations of members, before Lennie (BUEA's President) started the meeting with announcements. Enthusiastically, executive members for the group reminded their guests of upcoming events and answered any questions. 

This Tuesday's workshop was titled "Working Out the Kinks". In it we explored what kinks are and how to go about them. While I won't get into a conversation about kinks or attach the diagram that shows you how to effectively, and safely, tie up your partner; I will share what I learned about this group and their approach to educating and public policy.

Before the workshop even bega…

Upcoming Events

As you make your way through campus, you might find yourself pulling the sleeves of your sweater down around your fingers. A slight breeze is in the air and you notice the naked trees and their leaves settling on the sidewalk.

Fall is finally here and it's always so beautiful in Bloomsburg. 

Homecoming and football games and pumpkin patch trips, undoubtedly, mark up the dates of your October calendar.

But as you plan ahead for these festive events, here are a couple more to keep on your radar...

Bra Drive Hosted by the Student Nurse Association,  you can donate TWO bras for activity service to the drive until October 17th in SLL in McCormick! New bras will be given to the women's shelter and used ones will go to a turtle rehab sanctuary.

Love Your Body Week Yoga
In honor of National Love Your Body Week the Women's Resource Center is hosting a yoga session led by Professor Julie Petry, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance, on October 15th. Come breathe, stretch, meditate, and c…